Intensive treatment for skin that has lost moisture, using apparatus technologies

The purpose of the treatment and the result:
Intensively hydrates the deepest layers of the skin, using apparatus technologies, stabilizes the level of moisture and evens out the skin tone. Immediate lifting effect.

Methods and products used in the treatment:
Apparatus technologies, GMT BEAUTY cleansers for face, creams, gels and a plastifying mask.

The target area during the treatment:
Face, particular attention is paid to the eye area, neck and décolleté.

The duration of the treatment:
1 h.

The recommended treatment rate:
4 – 6 treatments once a week. It is recommended to combine it with toning massage, using vacuum massage or manual techniques.

Recommended products for home use:

The treatment prevents skin dryness, intensely hydrates the deepest layers of the skin, makes the skin soft and radiant, softens and improves skin’s elasticity. After the treatment an immediate lifting effect can be observed.
The treatment begins with cleansing the facial skin with MOISTURISING DERMOPROTECT CLEANSER, which perfectly cleanses the skin, removes make-up and protects the skin against loss of water.
The innovative ADVANCED TRIPLE ACTION PEELING removes dead skin cells, makes the skin soft and elastic and prepares the skin for further treatments.
Than follows usage of apparatus technologies and MOISTURISING & SOOTHING GEL, which has a high electrical conductivity and optimal pH, allowing the gel to be used in electrotherapy and sonotherapy (e.g., skin toning with microcurrents). Plastifying mask with firming effect – BUST FIRMING MASK – has lot of Spirulina algae, which contain amino acids and vitamins, that regulate the moisture level of the skin, supplies it with oxygen and nourishes, providing an immediate lifting effect. The treatment ends with applying ANTI-AGE EYE CONTOURE CREAM and REGENERATING & FIRMING CREAM for face, neck and décolleté.

• intensively moisturizes the deepest layers of the skin;
• slows down aging processes in the skin, has a lifting effect;
• makes skin silky soft and elastic.