About us

The philosophy of one drop

One seed is enough to create a meadow.
One GMT drop is enough to make You beautiful.

Your skin is precious.

It is the canvas for your beauty and your protective shield, it is the living expanse where your body connects with the world. Taking care of your skin deserves and requires the best possible ways to restore, heal, preserve, and maintain health and vibrant beauty.

The GMT BEAUTY universe is designed to give you exactly that: the most effective elements from nature delivered by the latest technology, to activate your body’s natural healing on the cellular level. Every GMT BEUAUTY product is designed so concentrated that a drop of it will be enough.

Our products made with respect.

Conceived by women, all medical and scientific professionals, to be safe and effective, GMT BEAUTY products are based on years of treating real people and on a commitment to understand and utilize the best of emerging research. The GMT BEAUTY line is composed of pure, natural ingredients, thoroughly tested (never on animals) and is non-allergenic.

100% natural ingredients. Over 20 years’ experience in skincare and aesthetic medicine. The most recent advances in biochemistry and technology. All orchestrated to give your skin the best life it can have.

Care for your skin with GMT BEAUTY at home, and ask your cosmetologist about GMT BEAUTY Professional treatments.

Pure and tested

GMT BEAUTY products contain carefully selected, 100% natural ingredients and patented active substances to achieve excellent results for each individual’s skin. Peptides are a essential ingredients: working on the molecular level, they activate the energy of each cell to directly influence target tissues. GMT BEAUTY treatments are dermatologically tested and contain no allergens, so they are suitable for everyone, even people with the most sensitive skin.

Economical & environmentally sound

Equal to the importance of restoring and preserving precious human skin for GMT BEAUTY are respect for the natural environmental and clients’ economic resources.

Trusted professionalism

Because GMT BEAUTY products are designed to be used professionally by cosmetologists, the products can be used successfully with machine technologies and with manual application procedures. The products are highly concentrated and thus less is required for every treatment and stocks last longer. The line takes utilizes the most efficient packaging to eliminate oxidation and spoilage, reduce waste, easy use, to save both time and money.

Partner for growing business

GMT BEAUTY Products are also an excellent means to boost sales as retail products in salons. Clients will be eager to continue the use of effective, pure, and pleasurable products at home. Replenishing home stocks not only increases sales, but brings clients into salons between appointments, providing a perfect opportunity to deepen client relationships.