Siret Beautician

“GMT BEAUTY it is my great finding and my favorite in the daily work, and … dare I to say, irreplaceable!
Simple and effective products for providence of different treatments for face and body.
I have not got before such a good reviews from my customers who have used with my recommendations Home Line products of GMT BEAUTY at home.”

Marella Head of Education of Spa Professionals

“We at vocational school in Kuressaare (Estonia) are using GMT BEAUTY products for training our future beauticians of spas. Most of all we like self-heating chocolate mousse Chocolate mask and alginate masks Bust Firming mask and Anti-Wrinkle mask Gold & Pearl. But we are also very satisfied with all the other products: normal size of packages for professionals, normal prices and there is always the opportunity to ask for information on the use of products or situation of stock.”

Šivaya Massage parlor

“We are truly grateful to the creator of the product GMT BEAUTY for the most natural and hypoallergenic seaweed masks and other products with which the results of the treatment become visible and measurable even after the first use. Excellent support for those who lose weight, as well as those who have significantly lost weight and want to tighten the skin. Slimming treatments of GMT BEAUTY for some years already attract happy and grateful customers to our massage salon.”

Santa Publishing house "Santa" Editor in Chief

I believe that the brand GMT BEAUTY is definitely in the top three of the most effective Latvian-made cosmetics, if not the most effective.