In late winter, when spring is approaching, we purposefully prepare for the season of beaches and short skirts. During this time we often find that the skin has become paler, drier and rougher and signs of cellulite and overweight have appeared.


During long winter months we are less active, metabolism slows down and excessive kilograms build up. Tight, thick clothes, dry indoor air and lack of fresh air make the skin rough and dull.


In order to achieve the desired result, comprehensive approach is needed. It includes:

  • A balanced, healthy diet, where meals include the main groups of products that are vitally necessary for the health. Also total daily caloric value has to be adjusted to each person’s individual metabolism.
  • Daily physical activity that includes a well-considered training program. That is – the best type of energy spending, which is not only burning fat, but also helps to strengthen the muscles and models body shape.
  • Body treatments:
  1. in salon – apparatus procedures, various types of modulating massages, algae or mud applications and wrapping;
  2. at home – suitable slimming creams, contrast shower for skin or sauna treatments.

But how to navigate through the wide variety of procedures and cosmetic products? And what to do in case of failing to solve the esthetic problems or You simply lack the time and patience?


Alice in Wonderland once asked the Cheshire cat: “Can you tell me, please, which way do I go from here?” – “It depends on where you want to go,” the cat answered. – “I actually do not care where,” said Alice. – “Then it does not matter which way to go,” said the cat.

The same applies to our approach to beauty – if You do not know where You are, You do not care where to go.

Based on the latest scientific achievements in cosmetology, biochemistry and aesthetics, beauty and aesthetic medicine specialists, who can be proud of more than 20 years of professional experience, have developed GMT BEAUTY – body aesthetic problem solving system that views the human body’s beauty through the health prism.

The system includes:

  • diagnosis of individual body condition,
  • products developed specially for GMT BEAUTY system, that are based on the latest scientific discoveries and knowledge,
  • specially for GMT BEAUTY system developed cosmetic procedures.


Before developing the training and procedures program, like in medicine, also in beauty care it is important to make the diagnosis – the more accurate it is, the sooner and better desired result can be achieved. Modern diagnostic equipments provide an accurate insight into each client’s type of constitution, athletic skills, the problem and its extent. Anthropometric measurements determine the body length, weight, chest circumference, muscle development and subcutaneous fat layer; bioelectrical measurements evaluate the fat and lean mass (amount of muscle and bone) in the body. Diagnostics provide information on the existent amount of fat and muscle tissue and the aim for which to strive, so it is clear, how much exactly it is necessary to increase muscle mass or reduce adipose tissue mass.

Ex.: If you have an increased amount of fat, lipolytic or fat amount reducing procedures usually are chosen, while in sports centers preference is given to those forms of physical activities that include aerobic exercise for burning fat.

GMT BEAUTY has developed a unique diagnostic program, formed by Latvian / Baltic beauty specialists, combining existing knowledge with the latest diagnostic methods. It is based on thorough, individual investigations and includes a number of diagnostic steps:

  • In the beginning is customer survey, during which the client’s state of health is found and measurements of body fat, epidermal moisture, oiliness and roughness are made.
  • Diagnostic thermal film is used for determining cellulite. The film changes its coloring in response to skin temperature – normal skin will be warmer, but the cellulite-affected poor vascularisation areas cooler.
  • According to the survey and measurements, a specialist draws up appropriate procedures plan and recommends procedures to be taken at home, appropriate cosmetics, as well as recommendations for diet and preferred physical activities.

GMT BEAUTY diagnostics is as an individual road map that helps to achieve the results for which will be satisfied both the client and the beauty specialist.