MAXEYLASH – eyelash conditioner


MAXEYLASH is a cosmetic eyelash conditioner containing active ingredients selected for their beneficial properties for enhancing the look, volume and darkness of your natural eyelashes. Formulated in a cool and soothing liquid base, MAXEYLASH is colorless and odorless.

Product use:
1. Before applying, remove contact lenses and gently wash around the eyes with a mild soap. Best if applied straight after bathing or showering.

2. Once a day at bedtime, apply a thin line of MAXEYLASH to the root of both the upper and lower eyelashes (as though applying eyeliner). Only a small quantity of MAXEYLASH is needed. An initial cool, wet sensation is often followed by a warm, tingly feeling: this is normal and should subside quickly. If minor redness or tenderness of the eyelid occurs, try using once every other day until irritation subsides. Do not apply more frequently than once a day. Excessive application may cause irritation and can slow or prevent the positive effects of MAXEYLASH.

The initial effects of MAXEYLASH appear between seven and ten days and are described as lashes that are firmer, more manageable and more curled upward. By day 30, eyelashes will usually appear stronger, bolder, thicker and fuller. Once the desired look is achieved, applications may be reduced to every two days to maintain your new lashes. 30-60 days may be required for full effect.

Main active ingredients: Sodium Hyaluronate, Panthenol, Sodium Hyaluronate

Volume: 3ml

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