Set for damaged hand skin


You have used an alcohol disinfectant and your hands have microcracks? They are red, damaged, dry, cracked…. There is a solution to this – healing SOS cream for dry, damaged hand skin, antibacterial and moisturizing hand wash gel and of course a disinfectant gel containing glycerin and oligosaccharide providing deep hydration, keeping hand skin soft and silky

Daily Care+ Hand Wash

Skin-friendly hand wash with antibacterial tea tree oil, soothing & moisturising Aloe Vera extract and cleansing lactic acid. The combination of active ingredients provides a delicate but thorough hand wash, leaving the skin hydrated, clean and soft.

Product use: Use when required! Apply a small amount of the product on dry or wet skin, lather and rinse! Product will not create large foam due to natural foaming agents. After washing, use GMT BEAUTY Daily care + hand cream or SOS + hand cream.
Warning! Avoid contact with eyes!

Main active ingredients: Tea tree oil, Aloe Vera extract, Lactic acid

Volume: 300ml

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Non alcoholic disinfectant gel

Non-tainting and odorless. Combination of glycerin and oligosaccharides provides deep hydration and keeps skin of your hands silky and soft. Antimicrobial agent in product formulated for the Healthcare Facilities and Personal Hygiene sectors to protect hands. Its dual biocidal and detergency properties ensure high potency against bacteria, algae, fungi and enveloped viruses. Designed to remove organic contaminants. Gel dries in a few seconds.
Authorization Number: LV19072017/5685

Product use: Apply reasonable amount of product on hands. Rub your fingertips first, then rub evenly over the entire surface of your hands and palms until dry. Exposure time 10 min. Wash your hands when the use of disinfectant is no longer needed.

Main active ingredients: Alkyl (C12-16) Dimethylbenzylammonium Chloride (CAS Nr.: 68424-85-1): 0,4 g / 100 g (0,4 %)

Volume: 100ml

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SOS+ Hand Cream

SOS+ hand cream. Antibacterial cream with chlorhexidine for damaged skin of the hands, cuticles and elbows protects against dryness and microcracks of the skin, aids healing, and prevents inflammation. Shea butter moisturises and softens the skin. The skin of the hands obtains a healthy look, becomes soft, smooth and silky.

Product use: Use when required! When the hands have healed, continue using DAILY CARE+ hand cream to keep your hands in good condition and to protect them.

Main active ingredients: Tea Tree Oil, Panthenol, Shea Butter, Chamomile Extract, Chlorhexidine, Dragon’s Blood Tree Extract

Volume: 30ml

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