Sesame Massage Oil

500 ml


A high quality, natural organic oil for the performance of quality cosmetic procedures, it delays skin from aging, and makes it firm and glowing.

Sesame seed oil is wonderful for softening and nourishing the skin, improving its tone and elasticity, as well as for preventing infections and skin dryness and peeling. The oil contains many microelements (zinc, calcium), vitamins E and A, and it also has a wonderful balance of polyunsaturated fatty acids and natural antioxidants (of which sesamole is the main one). It has the power to penetrate the layers of the skin deeply, softening and improving the skin’s biochemical processes and preventing the initial signs that your skin is aging. This oil has a gently relaxing, refreshing effect.


This oil can be used as a massage oil for the basic procedure in anti-cellulite procedures, relaxing, stress and fatigue reducing massages, as well as in facial skin care procedures and for pedicures.
The oil is perfectly suited for ajurvedic procedures.



Vitamin E

Vitamin E

Seesame oil

Seesame oil

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