Stages of skin aging

Many women still think that they either cannot change anything using cosmetics or they can almost stop aging process. However, the truth is right in the middle – even though cosmetics cannot stop aging completely, it can dramatically slow it down. This means that while using cosmetics skin will stay young and beautiful longer. To understand which cosmetics may influence the skin of our face and body, let us to understand what are the stages of skin aging.

First of all, term ‘aging’ should be clarified. Aging results from the accumulation of defects in cells and intracellular structures, which with time incapacitate vital systems of the organism. During each stage skin changes in unique and unrepeatable way. In this way, each stage is changed by the next one and never changes back.

  1. Childhood.
    Untitled design (4)This period is characterized by age starting from 6 months till pubescence. During this period the skin is especially soft, lively and smooth, and renews very quickly. However, the skin of a newborn is extremely sensitive. That is the reason why mommies should be very careful while staying outside with their child and do their best to protect them from sun exposure, as the skin of the newborn (until the age of one) does not have any protection from the sun.
  2. Adolescence.
    No matter how wonderful child skin is, it will be eventually followed by the skin of teenager. This period usually starts between 12 and 14. Skin becomes noticeably rougher, more porous, and especially fatty. One of the biggest roles in these changes play hormones. For many teenagers it starts as a nightmare, which only worsens with the appearance of acne. Endless worrying about their look forces them to take desperate measures, which in time lead to irreparable consequences. However, owners of dry skin are a bit luckier – these aging changes are less noticeable.
    Only few teenagers understand how important to take care of their skin in their age. Many of them place their unprotected skin under the strong sun exposure, and even under artificial ultraviolet in solariums, squeeze out acne, do tattoos, exhaust themselves and their bodies with a little or no sleep, have too much stress, and use different kinds of substances that harm the body. However, despite all this, skin accepts everything with dignity.
  3. Youth.
    Untitled design (6)By their twenties teenagers feel relieved, finally, now they can sleep peacefully without any nightmares. And that is true in most cases. Yet, not all of them know that it is true, only if skin is healthy. While some of young people were still teenagers and tried to get ready of dreadful, on their opinion, problems of skin, they might have damaged it in the long-term. Usage any available cosmetics and self-treatment may cause problems, after which you should take extra care for skin.
  4. Adulthood – start of skin aging.
    From the age of 25 young people start noticing new changes on their bodies. Skin gets dull and less elastic. Why? At this age the production of collagen and elastin slows down, thin wrinkles appear under the eyes, skin defects accumulate such as pigmentation spots, stretch marks on the body, scars from acne, and etc.
    Unfortunately, many women start take care of their skin only when the aging process becomes very visible. They do not know that they have to take care of it since their early days.
  5. Middle age.
    Untitled design (7)This period concerns age from 35 to 50. In this period skin changes get more and more visible. Why does this happen? It is because the quantity of hyaluronic acid decreases as well as subcutaneous fat (fat in cheekbone area gets thinner, and in cheeks and chin area thicker), blood vessels dilate, defective collagen and elastin accumulate, pigmentation spots and wrinkles appear.
    However, knowing how much everybody hates wrinkles, you should know they also may be different. They are classified as static and dynamic wrinkles.
    Static wrinkles appear because of the changes inside of skin, while dynamic appear because of constant muscular activity of particular muscles. As skin with time gets thinner, new wrinkles appear including mimic wrinkles.
  6. Old age / Oldness.
    Starting from 50 skin suffers new changes. Because women have their menopause (and lower level of estrogens), new wrinkles appear, and dermis and epidermis dramatically become thinner. However, after 60 skin becomes more stable, even though no cosmetics can help it be young again. Any changes are possible only with intervention plastic surgery. Those who took care of their skin while young, would have less wrinkles, pigmentation spots, and in overall skin would look younger and fresher. Yet, if skin was strongly exposed to sun, in this age it will have deeper wrinkles and pigmentation spots.
  7. Extreme old age
    Untitled design (8)In this period skin (after 70) skin looks very hardened with showing through subcutaneous fat, has low elasticity and big number of deep wrinkles.

Such changes happen because body has its own genetic program that if follows. It is very important to know that there is no cosmetics that can totally stop aging or remove all existing wrinkles. But it does not mean that we have to lose our hope. Knowing which processes are natural and which are caused by the influence of the environment will help to understand how to treat our skin. The most important thing we can do is to take care of skin no matter what age you are, and then aging will significantly slow down.

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