Feel the winter! Only 4 steps!

Sparkling happy season - winter is here! December "addresses" everyone and enters everyone's soul in a different way! One is overwhelmed by the worries of the end of the year - we need to gather the common denominators of the year and forge plans for January 1. The second one is spent in the rush of buying a gift and the joy of wrapping and presenting it. Another spends this first month of winter in inner balance and in the mood of Advent - showing inner peace, waiting for Christmas and New Year.

December is also the month of winter and New Year parties. In order to feel and look 100% great on New Year's Eve, you need to take care of your body and skin in time.


In winter and cold seasons, the body does not lose less water, you simply feel thirsty less often. To protect your body from dehydration, remember to drink as much water in the winter as in the summer, as dehydration can cause your body to freeze more. Water can also be replaced with herbal teas:

For example, cumin contains a lot of essential oils that help regulate metabolism, prevent cramping and bloating. Cumin perfectly helps against the feeling of heaviness when you have eaten too much and the food was too heavy and fatty. The seeds are also believed to have anti-bacterial properties and are said to be useful for soothing hangovers after heavy drinking. Because after the above, during the holidays, it is worth carrying a rescue bag filled with cumin, so that you can make a "rescue potion" at any time!

Hemp tea will be very useful for peace and inner balance.

Remember to take ONE day off once a week. If you can't do without food at all, then choose one product day. For example, carrot day or "rice galette with avocado" day.


Sports help to maintain the body's immunity and cheerful spirit. Just remember that when playing sports in the fresh air, you should choose appropriate clothing, it should be light, windproof, rainproof and warm at the same time.

Find time for yoga or calanetics classes. Gentle stretching and strength and balance exercises help strengthen the deep muscles of the body and create a beautiful posture. Thus, it is guaranteed that you will go to the New Year's ball in style and style.

The motto of facial skin care in December is moisturizing, protecting and nourishing the skin.

To improve skin tone and restore it, serums with LIFTINga and with the so-called "botox" effect, collagen, oligopeptides are used in December. The active substances in these cosmetics are usually small protein molecules that effectively fill the intercellular framework, as a result of which small skin wrinkles are smoothed out, the oval of the face is strengthened, and the skin of the face, neck and décolleté is strengthened.

An excellent beauty effect will be provided by vitamin A - a universally recognized vitamin of beauty and youth.

In December, skin care is dominated not only by carnival masks, but also by "functional" ones. If you want, you can prepare the mask yourself, this time to improve the facial skin.

In the beauty salon, you can visit, for example, a deep moisturizing treatment and a massage. Chemical or light fruit acid peeling, lymphatic drainage massage - perfectly improves the skin.

A combined facial skin care procedure can last up to 2 hours and provides an immediate effect - the facial skin is smooth, well-groomed and iridescent. You can repeat the procedure several times for a lasting effect.

And remember that skin care should become a daily routine, because you want to be beautiful every day.


To clean the skin, choose specially moisturizing shower gels or even hydrophilic oil or shower cream. Because with the onset of winter, the skin feels more sensitive to temperature fluctuations and suffers from dry air, it becomes sensitive.

Remember to use a scrub once a week. Choose soft, light scrubs with soft abrasive particles that gently clean without scratching the skin.

For daily body care, choose a body contouring cream that will make the skin silky soft.

A body wrap at a beauty salon will enhance your body contours perfectly. Enjoy the chocolate wrapping. Chocolate is an excellent antidepressant. Chocolate will warm you up if you are cold and help you relax after a stressful day at work. Chocolate not only calms the mind, but also helps you lose weight.

Care of the neck and décolleté area

Be sure to pay attention to the neck and décolleté area. Be sure to remember to apply the cream in the morning and in the evening, so the skin will become smooth and firm.

Pay attention to the active substances contained in the cream. It is good if the cream contains natural vegetable oils, low-molecular active substances such as hyaluronic acid, peptides. It is important if the cream contains a series of plant extracts rich in antioxidants. Remember to apply a rejuvenating mask to the neck and décolleté once a week.

Hand cream should not only be nourishing, but also protective.

Hand cream should contain natural oils, vitamins and plant extracts. If the hand cream contains almond oil, it is the perfect product for winter.

Do not be lazy and make oil baths for your hands if the skin is particularly dry. A decoction of chamomile and nettle or a decoction of thistle and celandine will take care of the youth of the skin of the hands.


Make exfoliation for your feet! Mix sugar, olive oil, honey and coffee grounds in a homogeneous mass. This scrub will give you the ultimate pleasure and joy of silky smooth skin. The gentle abrasive particles will clean the skin of the rough skin particles and make the skin of the feet silky soft. After the scrub, be sure to nourish the skin with an exceptionally rich cream for the feet, or natural antioxidants for the skin of the feet.

Recommendations for skin care in December by Tereza Belkova, author of the GMT BEAUTY brand and international trainer.

Publicēts, Dec 1, 2019