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The operation of the products is based on scientific discoveries, simplicity of application, efficiency and long-term stability of the achieved results.

GMT BEAUTY products contain natural ingredients and patented active substances that work at the molecular level, activate the energy of each cell, directly affecting the target tissue. Cosmetics do not contain allergens!

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Reviews of beauty care customers about GMT Beauty cosmetics

Customers who are convinced of the philosophy of one


“Mommy's body cream is fantastic! And the body lotion with its aroma takes me to a meadow in Latvian summer every time!"


I am very satisfied with your cosmetics...I can't imagine my daily life without face toner. When I put it on, I feel like I'm getting drunk.


"Very high-quality cosmetics, I trust the creator of the brand, Teresa, modern, innovative ingredients! The skin says thank you! :)"


“Thank you for being there! I really appreciate that you offer high-quality, nature-friendly cosmetics"


"A real pleasure for quality and effective cosmetics produced in Latvia."


"I already recommended GMT eye products to my girlfriend! I like it very much myself, so I gladly recommend it to my friends who also like it use natural and environmentally friendly products."


"Delighted with the innovations you use in your products"


"The ingredients of the products are excellent, the effect is visible to the eyes, algae masks are especially popular."


"Thank you very much for your work :)"

Combinable procedures for smart professionals

Personalized treatments that delight every beauty lover. From toning body treatments to anti-aging treatments
for the face. Each treatment is distinguished by a specially tailored range of products available to tiki GMT BEAUTY professionals. Procedures are prepared
detailed instructions and available consultations from GMT BEAUTY.

Benefits in partnership with GMT BEAUTY

Cooperation with directly with the manufacturer of cosmetics

The production of cosmetics takes place only in Latvia

Regular seminars on cosmetic trends and training

The support of consultants and their excellent availability


High efficiency of the material - with one drop you can achieve a lelic effect

Unique, patented packaging available only at GMT

Eco-friendly raw materials, material and packaging

Professionals for working with GMT

"I have been working with gmt for 5 years and could not imagine a replacement for them. The involvement of managers and beauticians in seminars and product production gives me confidence that I am getting what they themselves use."

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