How to help your skin's ecosystem

A person can be compared to a microcosm - a small planet where there are "populations, conflicts and wars". And the skin is like a border between the human world and the outside world, it is an organ of communication and contact and also an area of ​​expression of emotions in the body. But have you thought about the skin ecosystem, this fragile world where myriads of microorganisms live with us...

"Skin is healthy when its ecosystem is in balance. And knowing that the skin is the only organ that can be fed and maintained from the outside, the Latvian cosmetics brand GMT BEAUTY created a modern product line - NATURA CONCEPT . Its formula is composed in such a way as to provide special care not only for the beauty of the skin, but also for health," says Tereze Belkova , co-author of GMT BEAUTY cosmetics, specialist in face and body aesthetics.

Big and important

The skin is not only the largest human organ, but it is also one of the most important organs for our survival, which should be taken care of as seriously as the heart, liver, kidneys and other organs that are invisible to our eyes. The skin is responsible for sensory reception (touch, pain, touch of other people), provides thermoregulation, participates in the synthesis of vitamin D. It also acts as a heat insulator, an energy store and a shock absorber that dampens shocks to the body.

Every day, the skin has to withstand a huge load. Its main importance is to provide a protective function against the harmful effects of the environment, such as friction, exposure to chemicals, infections and various radiations. This means that the basis of preserving the health and beauty of the skin is to take care of its protective mechanism, first of all, by choosing appropriate skin cleansing agents.

GMT BEAUTY is natural professional cosmetics created in Latvia, which provides modern and effective solutions for face and body skin care on a daily basis. The operation of the products is based on scientific discoveries, ease of use, efficiency and long-term stability of the results achieved. That is why we can safely recommend the facial and body cleansers we developed (created).

It is important that they contain natural foaming agents and oils that moisturize and nourish the skin. Before we talk about the next step, I recommend looking at the skin much more seriously and more broadly. The skin is like a sluice that regulates the functioning of the body, is responsible for immunity, it serves as a bastion that "captures" the first viruses and gives signals to the body. The skin is also a very smart organ, for example, it "remembers" and accumulates every ultraviolet (UV) ray it has encountered during its lifetime. The skin is still able to protect itself from UV radiation, but the skin does not naturally protect itself from the blue or HEV (High Energy Visible) light emitted by the screens of computers and smart devices. Our cells are not suitable for this constant influence of the electromagnetic field. "Staying at home" has "glued" us and our children to computers. We have never spent so much time in the direct radiation of smart devices. That is why GMT BEAUTY has developed a sprayable BLUE LIGHT SHIELD that protects the skin directly from the rays of the "blue screen". This is ensured by the newest generation raw materials in the composition - extremolites. Of course, natural moisturizers, which also promote skin regeneration, have not been forgotten.

A full renewal cycle of the top layer of the skin takes place continuously within a month. We lose 30-40 thousand dead skin cells every minute, but the skin does not wear out because of this, it regenerates at a fast pace, just like a torn off tail of a lizard... Also, if we injure the skin, the collagen in it "glues" and "connects" the damaged tissues. Therefore, when creating GMT BEAUTY product formulas, special attention is paid to raw materials that moisturize and provide intensive anti-aging effects, improving the well-being and appearance of tired skin. Protects against the harmful effects of environmental factors and promotes collagen synthesis, helping to keep the skin smooth and radiant. They work at the molecular level, activating the energy of each cell, directly affecting the target tissue. Effective strengthening of the protective function of the skin is provided by the natural plant extracts in the product, combined with the latest biotechnological developments and a combination of natural plant oils. Important - cosmetics do not contain allergens!

The skin contains 25% of all our water reserves. If the skin is severely damaged, the body also loses fluid reserves and the person's vitality runs out, which often happens after skin burns. Body thermoregulation, water and mineral exchange are functions performed by sweat glands in the skin. When a person sweats during the day, the body can lose several liters of fluid. Therefore, it is very important to help the skin, not only by drinking enough water, but by taking care of it with high-quality and natural cosmetics. It's not a luxury, it's a necessity if you want to look healthy and well-groomed.

Another function of the skin is that it participates in the thermoregulation of the body and ensures the body's protection from the unwanted effects of the surrounding environment, removes the unfavorable from the body, unfortunately, both good and bad substances are also taken in through the skin. For example, skin care products enter the bloodstream in 26 seconds. Therefore, it is worth thinking about what we expose the skin to and what we "pamper" the skin with. It is the choice of body cosmetics that should be given more attention, and it is not quite right to choose the most researched cream for facial skin care, but to choose the first available cosmetic product for washing and care of the body, which makes up the largest part of this body organ. Among them, underestimating the feet, which are already very stressed on a daily basis, carrying our body, for them, for example, allocating cream that has expired.

Interesting facts about skin:

  • Originally, people were dark-skinned. And only 50,000 years ago, when migration to the north began, evolution took place - the amount of pigment melanin in the skin decreased.
  • A newborn baby's skin is a completely different color. It is also characteristic of the colored races, black people. Babies are born lighter and darken in the first days after birth, as blood circulation supplies the skin with the pigments it needs.
  • Hair follicles are located in the layer of subcutaneous fat that keeps the body warm and absorbs shock. Their number in the scalp reaches about 100 thousand. All mammals, including those living in the sea, have hair on their skin.
  • The skin weighs as much as 16% of our body weight, which is about 10 kilograms for an adult!
  • There are 500-1000 sweat glands in one square centimeter of skin!
  • In one square centimeter of skin, not only a one meter long blood vessel is "hidden", but also 30,000 bacteria live there. And these natural "inhabitants" of the skin - messengers - signal to the skin's immune cells about disease-causing agents.
  • For example, there are approximately 1,000 different types of receptors in a 1 cm piece of skin, and three times more in the same area of ​​skin at the fingertips. They perceive irritations coming from the external environment and reject the information to the brain, where certain sensations arise under the influence of complex nerve activity in their cortex. The sensitivity of the skin is determined by both the amount of receptors and the state of the nervous system, such as fatigue or experiences.
Publicēts, Apr 27, 2021