How to take care of yourself while expecting a baby

GMT BEAUTY presents a cherished and special product line for pregnant women and new mothers - MAMA CARE , which helps to restore and maintain healthy skin during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The products are very well thought out and developed for use both on the face and body in this very beautiful and unusual time in a woman's life, a time when a woman is not alone.

They are intended not only for the mother's skin, body well-being in general and good appearance, but are especially safe for the baby.
During pregnancy, a woman's body undergoes incredible changes, which are logical and natural, but at the same time are also associated with certain worries - body contours change, skin dryness, sensitivity and sensitivity to so many things that were not even noticed before appear. Everything in your life is completely different!

Wanting to cover the widest possible circle of "involved" people who are facing changes attributable to pregnancy, we asked questions to both the manufacturer, the gynecologist, the pregnant woman, and the new mom.

Tereze Belkova, co-author of GMT BEAUTY brand products.
Do GMT BEAUTY MAMA CARE line products meet the strict requirements for skin care products for women during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

We offer a full range of products during pregnancy, breastfeeding or postpartum in the widest spectrum - from facial skin cleansing to special anti-stretch marks products for the body. Of course, pregnancy isn't just about fighting stretch marks. It is a very special condition – the contours of the body change, the body is affected by hormonal changes, weight gain, altered metabolism. All this determines changes in the skin. The skin becomes tense, its sensitivity increases, dryness, itching, these are the sensations that accompany a woman during pregnancy. This is the time when the skin requires very special care products.

What makes GMT BEAUTY MAMA CARE line products stand out from other products for pregnant women and new mothers?

The products contain active substances that reduce the sensitivity of the skin and the pulling sensation of dryness, and provide comfort to the skin. And here we are proud that MAMA CARE products contain the patented REGU®-STRETCH anti-stretch mark complex of active substances clinically tested on humans, which helps restore damaged collagen fibers and stimulates new collagen - proteins that significantly reduce existing stretch marks and prevent the formation of new stretch marks, - production. Thanks to the rich, safe composition of the cream, the skin will more easily withstand the stress caused by pregnancy and rapid weight changes and will recover faster when the child has arrived in this world.

Name 3 products from GMT BEAUTY MAMA CARE that every woman needs during pregnancy, even if there are no visible skin problems or discomfort?

All our products are useful and recommended for use throughout pregnancy, with special emphasis on anti-stretch marks. Because prevention is always cheaper than treatment!
In the first period after the birth of a child, it is useful to continue using an anti- stretch mark cream , which, thanks to the smart REGU®-STRETCH molecule, will help the skin tighten better. You can definitely recommend a cream for weight loss after childbirth - it will help you put on your old favorite jeans faster and regain your previous shape. We also recommend continuing to use the extra moisturizing shower gel for sensitive skin, which will perfectly restore and soothe the skin.

If I am not breastfeeding, do I have to follow any special rules for skin care after giving birth?

The body has also been exposed to both hormonal and physiological changes. After giving birth, whether you breastfeed or not, your body will still need to "transform" back to its normal state. The new mother may have postpartum skin discomfort not only on the body, but also on the face. Therefore, the foundation of the foundation is cleansing the skin and suitable cosmetics for its care. We recommend choosing cosmetics that reduce skin sensitivity, itching and redness. Of course, also skin firmness restorers - here we mean not only cosmetics, but also the implementation of balanced eating habits and sports activities.

A question for the gynecologist : what should you pay attention to when buying skin care products for an expectant woman?
First of all, a pregnant woman must follow her menu, create a balanced diet, and please no diets and excesses. This will allow you to feel good during the waiting period and to recover more easily in the postpartum period. Listen to yourself very carefully, observe the condition of the skin and, of course, use cosmetics specially developed for pregnant women as a preventive measure. They can be both creams and oils that improve skin elasticity and reduce sensitivity.

What should I pay attention to when buying skin care products for a breastfeeding woman?

Of course, the composition of the product and its expiration date. You shouldn't rely solely on products recommended on pregnancy forums. I recommend choosing safe cosmetics with a traceable origin.

Question for a pregnant woman (in the last months of pregnancy) : What skin problems or physiological discomfort did you encounter during your pregnancy?

Quite quickly, already in the fifth month, edema appeared - first on my face, then on my legs. It's neither pretty nor easy. Of course, well understanding that the swelling must be removed, I looked for a solution. And quite quickly on the Internet I found the GMT BEAUTY line of MAMA CARE cosmetics for pregnant women produced in Latvia, which has edema-relieving products for both the face and legs . It is my daily salvation.

Do you know what to look for when shopping for skin care products while expecting? How did you handle it?

The baby was planned and very much expected, so I was already interested in skin care products. I am 27 years old and I use makeup every day. Anyway, I read a lot of literature, corresponded in forums, listened to reviews. I was very convinced by the condition of my close friend's skin during pregnancy and chose our own cosmetics line MAMA CARE from a local manufacturer. I was lucky because I relied on a good recommendation and I am very satisfied. I don't have stretch marks and skin discomfort - I'm really happy about that!

Question for the new mother : what skin problems or physiological discomfort did you face after giving birth? How did you handle it?

The time after childbirth is no less difficult. Nobody prepares for it, nobody talks about it, because the child comes first. The woman is again subject to hormonal changes, she is already tired, she does not understand what is happening to her. Skin rosacea, burning, pimples... skin cracking, peeling started. After two weeks to three months - terrible sweating. Then milk crisis, then sleep phase changes... Uhhh! I was saved by GMT BEAUTY soothing facial cleansing gel, which I still use. I use a moisturizing and soothing cream for my body every day. These two products have been my allies for two years now. I advise other new mothers to learn in advance about the postpartum period and possible skin and body reactions.

Do you know what to look for when buying postpartum skin care products if you're breastfeeding?

Since I already encountered wrong breastfeeding advice in the hospital, I sought help from a professional breastfeeding consultant, which I recommend to all new mothers, instead of trusting "self-proclaimed know-it-alls". Then I also learned that a lot of attention should be paid to the composition of the cosmetics that I use while feeding the child, and I found the most suitable for me - MAMA CARE cosmetics made in Latvia.
GMT BEAUTY, as a product developer and manufacturer, DEFINITELY RECOMMENDS – if there is any confusion, lack of confidence or doubts about the suitability of the product for a specific situation, ask a professional, specialist, representative of the relevant field, a competent person who can provide comprehensive answers and explain what is important to you.
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Publicēts, Sep 24, 2020