Time to strengthen your body! Only 1,2,3,4 steps! October

Autumn, the second month before the "winter sleep", organizes a carnival, "dressing up in holiday clothes" and "tempers" us with crisp mornings, gusts of wind, cozy afternoon sun and, often, the first rain. Nature observes the rhythm of autumn calm and prepares for the shower, but we must strengthen ourselves…

The second month of autumn marks the point when we prepare for the winter solstice. We adjust our menu and start exercising more indoors.

The menu and exercise plan is made! What's next?

October is a good time for more active cleaning of the skin of the whole body, choosing more intensive scrubs and peelings.

A complex approach is needed to achieve the desired result. Continue what you started by following GMT BEAUTY's four steps to rejuvenation in October


Rudentinis, a rich man, uses it by eating more vegetables and autumn berries. Carry out a vegetable juice cure, which perfectly cleanses the body, improves metabolism. The minerals and other active substances in their composition stimulate the removal of various slags, salts and sediments from the body. Eat a few cranberries and lingonberries every day, they will significantly improve and strengthen the body's functions and defenses.


Surrender to the calm rhythm of autumn, every morning after waking up - stretch properly!

As the weather gets colder, find the right gym for you and remember that daily physical activity and a properly planned training program is the best way to consume energy, which helps to strengthen muscles and maintain good body contours.

On holidays, find time for a longer active walk, which will make your body breathe and regenerate.


In October, autumn laws come into force: wind, changing air temperature and dry indoor air.

However, remember to apply a cream with an SPF filter during autumn walks.

Feel the fall! Once a week, a beauty treatment is performed at home - the taste of autumn: vitamins important for the skin and a radiant look. The face mask rich in vitamins and antioxidants helps to dispel the October mood, which is very useful in the busy rhythm of life. Remember to apply this mask once a week for iridescent facial skin. Choose a silky eye cream with a "natural botox effect". The cream will perfectly smooth the fine facial wrinkles and effectively reduce dark circles in the eye area.

Take care of your eyelashes again with an eyelash regenerating and strengthening serum. Say goodbye to artificial eyelashes, because natural ones are in fashion!

Once a fortnight, go to the beautician for autumn beauty treatments: chemical peels, skin strengthening and nutrition.


The taste of autumn: perfect body contours and perfect body skin. The October mood is helped to dissipate by the deeply moisturizing shower gel, which not only cleanses but also rejuvenates the skin, thus helping to improve the contours of the body.

October is the right time to get rid of dull skin, increased skin dryness and roughness.

Thoroughly cleanse the skin by scrubbing once a week. You can choose a store-bought product you like, or you can make your own body scrub.

After showering, apply aromatic cinnamon oil on wet skin, whose rich combination of 12 active oils, enriched with cinnamon and ginger oil, perfectly reduces unwanted body roundness and perfectly tightens body contours. The warm aroma of cinnamon wafts into the autumn calm and warms you.

Remember to apply the cream to the chest in the morning and in the evening, observing the direction of application "upwards". After four weeks of careful use of the product, you will see obvious results - the skin on the décolleté will become silky soft.

When you go to a body care specialist in October, you can get a body shape-improving massage or a chocolate foam mask, which perfectly improves the contours of the body, making the skin smooth and firm.

Treat yourself in October!

Recommendations for skin care in October by Tereza Belkova, author of the GMT BEAUTY brand and international trainer.

Publicēts, Oct 13, 2019