Time to pamper and enrich your body! Only 1,2,3,4 steps September

Recommendations of GMT BEAUTY brand author and international trainer Tereza Belkova for skin care in September

September is the time of the harvest - the grapes are harvested to fill the grain fields and bread granaries, the natural treasures cherished in the summer enter the gardens and the bees, still in their wax cells, rush to collect the last summer nectar. September says goodbye to summer, fog greets us more and more often in the mornings, trees start preparing for a "fashion show". September is really the right time to fully and qualitatively pamper your body and skin.

It should be remembered that, if you get an uneven tan while sunbathing in the summer, or you notice marked dryness of the skin, we "put emphasis" on the correction of hyperpigmentation. The motto of the September beauty treatments: "Stops the formation of hyperpigmentation, maximally protects the skin and restores its protective functions!" However, it must be recognized that in September it is still not possible to use active skin lightening procedures, because they make the skin sensitive to the sun and can contribute to the formation of even more pronounced hyperpigmentation. Remember, the sun is still active enough in September.

A complex approach is needed to achieve the desired result. Continue what you started by following GMT BEAUTY's four steps to rejuvenation in September.


In September, the gardens are filled with colorful autumn offerings, so include in your menu those that will provide the body with a wide range of antioxidants and strengthen its defenses.

Berries and fruits are ripening on trees and bushes, vegetables and roots are coming into gardens. September is the time of "sun vitamin cure", when you should hurry to drink this sunny, especially red, orange and yellow colored natural products juice. At the beginning of autumn, they are especially valuable, because all the minerals needed by the body - copper, iron, magnesium and potassium, as well as vitamins - B, C, E, PP are perfectly balanced. Consequently, this "cocktail" improves and stabilizes the body's metabolism. On the other hand, the immune system is especially strengthened by pumpkins and carrots, because thanks to their yellow color, they contain a large amount of carotene.

Remember that freshly squeezed juice is comparable to food, despite the fact that it is liquid! J

Regardless of the season, keep the "tradition" of drinking water, try to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day.


Activity and sports are the key to looking good. In warm weather conditions, indulge yourself in active recreation in the fresh air. It contributes not only to the general strengthening of the body, but also helps the body to regenerate and rest more successfully, for example, those who do mental work. In the fresh air, the body not only actively performs physical activity, but also cellular respiration improves, the brain receives more oxygen. Fresh air, the combination of colors, sounds and smells offered by nature with movement are the best means to reduce fatigue, improve health, increase joy of life and energy


In September, the sun is still making its triumphant marches, so you should remember about sun protection products and their use. In addition, the sun affects the skin all the time when we are outside - cycling to work or drinking morning coffee in the park. We are used to using sunscreen only when we go to sunbathe on purpose, but it should be used all the time during the summer. The sun also leaves its traces on the skin in ten minutes. Sunscreen should also be used on cloudy days. The fact that it is bright outside just means that the sun is shining on our skin, regardless of whether there is a cloud cover in front of it or not. Many believe that if the skin is already a little tanned and used to the sun, you can not use sun protection products. That's not true either!

The face care ritual in September includes a mask rich in vitamins and antioxidants, which is applied to the face once a week. A vitamin-rich and SPF-containing balm is also applied to the lips, so that the lips are protected from direct exposure to sunlight and the appearance of unwanted pigmentation. At night, you can apply a balm or mask rich in vitamins and natural oils to your lips, which will restore your lips, making them silky soft.

During the day, for the care of the eye area, choose creams with the so-called "botox effect", which smooth facial wrinkles and strengthen the eye contour. Creams with this effect are recommended for use in the summer season, when we regularly close our eyes due to the sun, causing the formation of so-called "crow's feet" in the eye area.

"Put on" your daily makeup! Mineral decorative cosmetics will protect your skin from the unwanted UV radiation of the sun better than others. And before applying make-up, don't forget to apply your SPF day cream on your skin.

In addition, visit your beautician and perform the Intensive anti-aging treatment developed by GMT BEAUTY for the face, neck and décolleté. Rejuvenating plant extracts and antioxidants strengthen the skin's defenses, even out its tone and refresh the skin.


In September, in addition to body skin care creams, choose an oil. It should be remembered that the oil should be applied to wet skin, massaged and only then wiped off. If the top layer of the skin is moist, the oil is better absorbed into the skin, nourishes and regenerates it more intensively.

Remember to take care of your hands. Once a week, the hands are gently exfoliated and then a nourishing mask is applied. The scrub will clean the skin of the hands, while the mask, enriching the skin with oils and vitamins, will strengthen and renew it.

Antioxidant-rich creams and oils are used for body care in September, which will protect the skin from the sun's harm and help maintain a beautiful, lasting tan for longer.

Remember to visit your beautician and do the basic anti-aging body care procedure developed by GMT BEAUTY. The rejuvenating plant extracts and antioxidants reduce photoaging of the skin, deeply moisturize the skin, making it silky soft.

Publicēts, Sep 3, 2019