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Winter motto - "Frost, wind, cold... Tests for your skin are here!" Therefore, start with skin protection, because it will be more difficult to correct the "misdeeds" of winter.

No matter what the fans of snow, ice and winter fun say, looking good this time of year is not that easy. Although it is beautiful when the sun breaks out of the darkness in its icy beauty on a crisp winter morning and the white peace of winter slips into a warm room from the snowfields, this time of year makes the skin especially stressed.

Leather is more than a shell, it is demanding and femininely whimsical. After all, it is the heaviest living organ in the body with many tasks - it protects you from the effects of the environment, serves as a sensory organ, regulates body temperature, removes waste products, etc. That's why skin needs to be pampered and given its best at any time of the year, but especially in harsh weather conditions.

The lower the temperature shown by the thermometer outside the window, the more attention should be paid to the skin. Only special, gentle care of it and carefully selected cosmetics will allow you to feel comfortable in winter and enjoy the scattered diamonds in the snow from the heart.

The year is born in the middle of winter and the first month of the year - January is the time to focus on identifying "benefits" and desired improvements.

This year, it is fashionable to start the year not with NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS and CREATING A NEW "ME", but with RENEWAL. The main thing is not to overdo it! Observes proportion, realizing one's inner potential.

1. Drink and eat

Drink more water! In the human body, more than 70% consists of liquid, and it is vitally necessary for the successful functioning of the body. Therefore, these water reserves must not be allowed to run out. Water can also be a great elixir of youth as it hydrates the skin from the inside, which in turn prevents the skin from drying out and hence wrinkles.

As simple and complicated as it sounds at the same time, GMT BEAUTY recommends drinking clean water first. At least 1.5 l of water per day should become your daily norm. Start rejuvenating the body with at least two glasses of water a day, which you drink in the first half of the day.

It should be remembered that a healthy and balanced diet also has a huge impact on the condition of the skin. Try to reduce the consumption of fatty foods and sweets. You will soon see the difference in the condition of your skin.

2. Physical activities

When starting the path to a good physical shape and an attractive figure, do not forget about physical activities, for example, increase the number of steps taken or the intensity of physical activities in minutes.

At first, a 20-30 minute walk at least every other day will be enough.

When starting sports, it is important to do it with your mind! If you are not an active athlete, you should not devote more than one hour to training.

The body must be given rest, it must not be overworked, because it is during relaxation that the physiological processes that give results take place. Sports is just like a "push" for the body, to change something and act.

One of the most practical ways to keep track of training intensity and duration is various applications and smart devices.

3. Facial care

In January, we feel extreme dryness of the skin every day. The constant high temperature fluctuations – +20°C in warm, dry indoor spaces and -20°C in the harsh, humid climate outside make the skin sensitive and easily injured. This 40 degrees is a very big difference, within which it is difficult for the skin to adapt.

To clean the facial skin, you should use gentle cleansing foams, gels or milks that do not contain alkali and do not injure it, but additionally moisturize and care for the skin.

January is the time when we feel the "resonance" from the anniversary parties, mistakes made in diets and alcohol consumption, which significantly lowers the skin's defenses, making it sensitive. Therefore, it is desirable to pamper the skin with moisturizing serums and creams, which will restore the skin's protective barrier and make the skin glow. In order to restore the moisture balance in the skin, deep moisturizing cosmetics are used daily.

In addition, in the winter period, facial skin needs additional care not only at home. Go to a beauty specialist once or twice a month and enjoy a moisturizing and skin rejuvenating treatment. Such a procedure usually includes light chemical peeling and a mask, the skin is deeply moisturized using a classic cosmetic massage or apparatus technologies.

4. Body care

In the cold weather period, we put on more clothes, so we tend to forget about body care... But we should continue to take care of it with as much responsibility as the skin of our face.

When showering, use gentle, moisturizing skin cleansers. It is recommended to use exfoliating products no more than once a week, and choose them with soft abrasive particles.

It is recommended to use skin care products rich in antioxidants on a daily basis, which promote skin regeneration, moisturize and strengthen it.

Visit a beauty salon at least once or twice a month and give your body an active, body-shaping massage, a good machine procedure, or an algae or mud application. They will prevent unwanted roundness, remove toxins and metabolic end products, contribute to the improvement of body shape.

Treat yourself in January!!!

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