Time to restart your body! Only 1,2,3,4 steps - May

The cold, harsh winds and harsh weather conditions are behind us…. Solar activity is increasing, but it is not yet as strong as in the summer months. The weather conditions characteristic of May – moderately warm and stable are loyal to the skin. But don't forget that in addition to the surrounding positive atmosphere, blooming leaves and birdsong, there are also some negative factors that affect the skin. You, a city girl, should especially keep them in mind! The dry, conditioned air of offices where we spend most of the day, street dust, urban smog, increasing solar activity, and flowering trees and plants with pollen clouds make the skin sensitive.

However, a proper diet and skin care regimen perfectly help to cope with unwanted factors and welcome summer with a smile.

May is truly the perfect time to fully and qualitatively pamper yourself and your skin!

A complex approach is needed to achieve the desired result. Continue what you started by following GMT BEAUTY's four steps to rejuvenation in May.


After the cold, gusty winds and gray months shrouded in haze, we usually warm ourselves in the spring sun, change our wardrobe, make plans for the summer. In order to regenerate, strengthen the body and bring dreams to life, the body needs strength and vitamins. We can take them with high-quality and wholesome nutrition, which can be found with the first salads and greens in the gardens and meadows of our own Latvia.

Fiber-rich fruits and vegetables are an integral part of the May menu. And also, spring honey is considered especially delicious and valuable.

Seven powerful spring herbs to restore the body, recommended for consumption in salads, juices and smoothies, help the body restore depleted reserves and receive a dose of strength.

Dandelions, this simple plant is especially valuable and widely used on the menu right in May. Leaves, flowers, leaves and roots are used in nutrition. The leaves can be used to make an extremely delicious salad, while the flowers can be used to make an excellent jam. Dandelion strengthens immunity and restores the body.

Sorrels, nettles and spinach contain especially many valuable substances. When eaten fresh, they are a rich source of vitamins, minerals and fibers, perfectly balancing and regulating the processes in the body. Contributes to the purification and regeneration of the body.

Another favorite on the May menu is asparagus. Asparagus contains a lot of vitamins C and A, iron, potassium, they are rich in antioxidants, folic acid and fiber. The good news for those who worry about excess weight - asparagus contains few calories.

Radishes and young cabbage provide the body with vitamins C, B, PP, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium and iron, which are much needed. These vitamin-rich vegetables promote metabolism and body cleansing, strengthen the body. Cabbage is widely used in weight loss programs.


Exercise as much as possible in the fresh air. It can be both long walks and walking. When choosing to stick, remember that you attend the first lessons under the guidance of a coach - learn to walk correctly. Firstly, you will learn the correct walking technique and get better results, secondly, you will not hurt yourself by doing exercises incorrectly.


May face care basic rule no. 1 is – proper cleansing – light, gentle cleansing of the skin with the help of peelings, chemical peelings suitable for the appropriate skin type. It is important to use suitable cosmetics even at home.

In May, various procedures are recommended that intensively moisturize the skin - saturating it with moisturizers at all levels of the skin. Regulating the water management of the skin is extremely necessary for the beauty, health and youth of the skin - this is also perfectly provided by biorevitalization and mesotherapy.

The basic task of the day cream is to protect the skin from the sun, delay the formation of pigmentation and photoaging of the skin. The wide range of sun protection products allows you to choose a cream with a protective filter suitable for you, as creams with SPF of different origins are available: chemical, physical, biological filters. Remember to apply the cream with SPF every morning.

Choose a night cream rich in vitamins and antioxidants to help the skin prepare for the summer sun and reduce the risk of pigmentation.

Once a week, perform a beauty treatment at home - clean the skin with a gentle peeling or scrub, which will help the skin breathe and regenerate, and apply a mask rich in antioxidants, which will better prepare the skin for sunny weather. The antioxidants in the mask will even out the skin tone, make the skin radiant and strengthen its protective capabilities


Before summer, pay as much attention to hair care as to skin care. Hair needs gentle cleansing, moisturizing, nourishment and protection from the sun. Choose a vitamin-rich shampoo and mask that helps protect your hair from urban pollution and the active sun.

Depending on the type and condition of your hair, the needs of your hair and scalp, you can visit a specialist to find the most suitable care product for you. If you wish, you can do hair beauty treatments at home yourself, using natural products. For example, rinsing your hair in nettle decoction will strengthen the hair roots.


May's motto in body care – "Beautiful and glowing skin, perfect body contours!"

Daily body care rituals include contrast showers for the skin of the body. They are performed in the morning or in the evening. In addition, you can rub the problem areas with a massage glove. It will improve blood circulation and the skin will become firmer.

After showering, apply your anti-cellulite product to problem areas. And of course, pay special attention to the skin of the chest and décolletage. Remember to apply the cream to the chest in the morning and in the evening, observing the direction of application "upwards". After four weeks of careful use of the product, you will see obvious results - the skin on the décolleté will become silky soft.

For body skin care, choose an antioxidant-rich cream that will give your skin a glow and prepare your skin for the summer holidays.

A complex approach will be suitable for body care at home and in a cosmetic salon - first of all, anti-cellulite procedures and a complex of procedures aimed at body modeling and "orange peel" reduction. An ideal body treatment in the salon is a breast firming procedure.



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Publicēts, May 7, 2019