Are professional-grade skincare products more effective?

The eternal question about beauty and its preservation is always relevant.

We are looking for the perfect cream that really can make us younger, prettier and healthier. I have heard that professional-grade skin care products work better, are more effective and provide long-term results.

We were looking for an answer in GMT BEAUTY, the largest professional cosmetics manufacturer in the Baltics, already for 12 years.

GMT BEAUTY is working with beauty professionals, doctors, clinics, – formulating and manufacturing products based on every day practice and client’s needs.

Teresa Belkova is the founder of GMT BEAUTY and beauty professional with experience for 20 years.

Teresa, I am surprised, that we have a company in Latvia that has been producing professional cosmetics for 12 years! Why we’ve heard so little about the company?

From the very beginning we have focused our products on beauty professionals, doctors, clinics, beauticians, because we come from this field. For years, working with certified professionals, we have developed products that meet the high requirements of professionals and root in everyday experience with customers. So, we didn’t have the need to speak about us, because we are living and working in a professional environment. However, recently we have launched a home use line – products that are professional-grade, highly concentrated, but designed for home use for everyone.

What are the professional-grade skincare products and what is the difference?

I will tell you about the professional-grade products available to everyone, the home cosmetics that we have recently launched.

1. Professional-grade products must contain active substances in sufficiently high concentrations. Due to their high concentration, professional-grade products are more active and can be used in smaller quantities. The effect is achieved and maintained by stimulating our own cells.

2. The creators of companies producing professional-grade cosmetics are often doctors or cosmetologists, as in our case. The creators of GMT BEAUTY come from among doctors and beauty professionals.

3. Professional-grade cosmetics usually contain active ingredients that have a low molecular weight and can penetrate deeply into the skin, providing a deep and long-lasting effect. In any case, cosmetics at this level should work at the cellular level.

4. Professional-grade products are designed to solve or eliminate problems before they occur. We do not want to smooth anything over the surface of the skin, but simply solve or prevent the problem. If there is a wrinkle, we do not fill it artificially, but make the cells work by producing collagen, elastin, and the wrinkle is smoothed.

5. Professional-grade products often use scientifically developed and clinically tested active substances. For example, we use BIO-TECH active substances in our products, which are essentially intelligent molecules that work wonderfully with our skin, stimulating cells. We also work a lot with natural oils, extracts, acids, trace elements, antioxidants and even electrolytes.

6. Our production is organized in such a way that all products are regularly produced in such volumes that they would not stand idle in the warehouse, but would be delivered directly to the wholesaler.

7. Efficiency of product on natural foundation is also an indicator of professional-grade products. Our products contain 99% -100% natural ingredients.

What type of products do you produce and what would you as a professional recommend us?

As I have noted, recently we have taken a step forward in the development of professional skin care products for home use. We have products for daily facial care, body care, high quality Anti-Aging products, professional products for sports, safe and effective products for pregnant and new mothers, we have created a home spa line, and our latest innovation is – skincare course for smoking affected face and cells.

I recommend choosing a product that will solve your problem. In general, products can be divided by effect: dry skin, loss of elasticity, wrinkles, strengthening of the oval of the face, cellulite, rejuvenation, drainage, muscle care or very specific Regene Supreme – if you smoke, our course for smokers is recommended 3-4 times a year.

We are sure that we can find and offer a solution and product(s) for almost every problem. In addition, we are always open to any questions regarding product selection and evaluation of your skin condition. Our specialists are reachable every day. Next to our production facility, we have an office and a beauty study room as well. You are welcome to call or write to us or come to visit us – you can get to know us and our products closer and opportunity to talk with specialist to choose the right product for you.

This is also an advantage of using professional-grade skincare products –

creators of GMT BEAUTY products, specialists who know everything about the products, are available at any time, in person, by email or by phone.

What would be the answer to the question in the headline?

In no case other skin care products are bad or ineffective, no. Each manufacturer has its own direction and is able to meet the needs of a specific segment of customers. Not everyone needs highly concentrated products that can be used in much smaller quantities. Nevertheless, we always recommend that everyone read the labels and use the most natural products that preserve the natural regenerative ability of the skin and allow our cells to work independently.

Publicēts, Feb 6, 2020