What will our future hygiene be?

Events in the world during the last six months have introduced hitherto unprecedented standards of hygiene requirements into our everyday life. What does this mean for us and our skin health?
Hygiene no longer means only hand washing and disinfection, but also constant care and protection of hands using care products that complement each other.
The new PROF-GRADE HYGIENE line was created by Latvian professional cosmetics manufacturer GMT BEAUTY, in cooperation with doctors and skin care specialists, based on today's acute need for safe, effective and fast-acting hygiene products for every generation in our urban and changing environment.

How will the new PROF-GRADE HYGIENE products make your and your loved ones' everyday life safer? In what situations will they be useful?

If you have to use a disinfectant, choose the right one!

Risk: Unfortunately, our daily life is unimaginable without hand disinfection. Disinfectants with alcohol dry and irritate the skin of the hands, which often discourages people from using any disinfectant at all. It is this aspect that is the most dangerous.

Solution: Choose an alcohol-free disinfectant with moisturizing properties. It will not dry the skin of the hands and its effect will be long-lasting. However, when using a disinfectant, remember that a protective hand cream is mandatory!

The PROF-GRADE HYGIENE line offers both a moisturizing disinfecting gel and an alcohol-free spray.

Frequent hand washing. Do it right!

Risk: depending on the chosen hand washing agent, the lipid layer of the skin is often washed away with the dirt, the skin becomes vulnerable, loses moisture, becomes dry and permeable to allergens and other harmful substances. Microcracks are formed in the skin, which are small, invisible cracks in the skin, which open the way for harmful microorganisms, infections to enter the skin, as well as increased exposure to harmful external conditions on our skin. Cracking of the incisors, which can develop into inflammation, can also often be observed.

Solution: for daily hand washing, choose a product whose pH level is close to the pH level of the skin, which significantly moisturizes the hands and which does not have a drying character, which does not contain alcohol or other aggressive, strongly antibacterial substances. Also, pay attention to whether the product contains natural extracts and oils that will care for the skin during the washing process.
PROF-GRADE HYGIENE hand wash corresponds to the above and will be ideal for frequent and gentle hand washing.

Injured, damaged skin of the hands. Don't wait, act now!

Risk: if the skin of the hands is not properly cared for and a good hand cream is not used daily, inflammation can develop in the existing microcracks that form in dry skin, and in addition, new microcracks can form, which can result in skin inflammation and even eczema. Also, the skin may be irritated due to frequent disinfection. Gardening also often leaves its mark on our hands. Reddened, cracked innards, scratches on the skin should not be ignored.

Solution: An antibacterial hand cream with chlorhexidine and dragon blood extract, richly supplemented with healing extracts and oils, will solve the problem. It will heal existing microcracks, protect the skin of the hands from infection and prevent the formation of new microcracks.
The new cream of the PROF-GRADE HYGIENE line is an irreplaceable SOS helper for hands!

Dry hand skin. A high-quality cream will solve this.

Risk: Dry hand skin is a feature of our age. It is caused by frequent hand washing, disinfection, external conditions (sun, wind), as well as chemicals used at home or at work.

Solution: A daily protective, moisturizing and nourishing hand cream, rich in healing extracts, vitamins, oils and humectants such as urea, is a must. Such a cream will ensure that microcracks do not form in the skin, that the skin constantly maintains its moisture level and attracts water, is nourished and protected from the harmful effects of the external environment, disinfectants, frequent hand washing, and household chemicals. With such a cream, your hands will always be well-groomed and protected, your nails will be healthy and will not crack.
The excellent hand cream of the PROF-GRADE HYGIENE line meets all requirements.

House cleaning - with or without gloves?

If you don't use rubber gloves when doing housework, you should take into account that almost all cleaning products - for washing dishes, cleaning furniture, cleaning floors - often contain alkalis and aggressive substances that neutralize and remove the hydrolipidic layer. On the other hand, it is the hydrolipid layer that protects the skin from drying out, provides a slightly acidic environment, and also protects the skin from the proliferation of harmful bacteria.
In order not to put your hands at risk, you need a good protective cream that we use throughout the day, which creates a protective layer on the skin.
However, if we use rubber gloves, it should be taken into account that the skin can sweat and become desiccated in the gloves, as a result of which it becomes more susceptible to various harmful substances.
Therefore, after using gloves, a caring and protective cream is mandatory.
In both cases, the new PROF-GRADE HYGIENE hand cream will be suitable.

We are proud that the products were developed on demand for the Swiss market, and we are glad that we can also offer them in our home - Latvia.

Get to know the new PROF-GRADE HYGIENE line here!
Who else will protect us, if not ourselves! Let's protect ourselves and our loved ones, love our body and take care of it!

Publicēts, May 1, 2020