What is hidden under "Sports cosmetics"? Cosmetics for sports! Necessity or "fashionable cry"?

A few more months, and the sun will lure us out of the "household" without even wanting to... However, shedding the winter "fur coat" may reveal some unwanted body shape or fat fold. April is the right time to start moving yourself Fresh air, regular and balanced exercise is what the body needs for a healthy spirit. But what to do so that sudden physical activity does not cause discomfort, and what to do to get the fastest and most lasting result possible? Will the conceptual Sport line SPORT&ACTIVE, which has recently appeared on the cosmetics market, help you get the desired result?

The answers to the questions are provided by Guna Havensone, a specialist in body aesthetics and nutrition of the domestic company GMT BEAUTY.

Pain after exercise

Regular and intense walking, walking, cycling and other physical activities require not only a change of habits and self-discipline, but also make you take responsibility for your body.

After exercising, you may be tired, but you should be satisfied with what you have done for your body, which culminates in a special feeling of well-being in the following days. However, if you do not play sports at a professional level, it may happen that after each more intense physical activity, both hands and feet hurt, the whole body feels "crushed", the muscles ache, and the desire to continue disappears. Some like to think that sore muscles are the best proof of a well-done workout, but that's not the case. This means that the physical exertion performed was disproportionate, that something was done incorrectly, and the body makes it understand with pain. The most common causes of muscle pain are lactic acid salts and other by-products of exercise that are not removed from the body after training. They occur under the influence of physical exertion, and these organic compounds make the internal environment acidic. Such conditions damage the cells, and eventually swelling occurs in the muscles, which is also the cause of pain.

For muscle and skin pleasure

When starting physical activities, one of the most important factors is moderation and a gradual increase in intensity. The body can react negatively to sudden high-tempo and high-load training aimed at one muscle group. Often after intense sports activities, the legs are "pushed", which indicates the accumulation of metabolic waste products and excess fluid. This can have the opposite effect, such as an increase in cellulite. The saying applies here: "Too much is too much!" It is recommended to stick better on weekends. It will be a full body workout. In addition, when exercising, moving your arms at the level of your heart, calorie consumption increases.

Physical activities have three stages - warm-up, intense work and cool-down or relaxation. Of course, performing various exercises can help here, but during the warm-up and relaxation phase, you can use "Sports cosmetics" as an aid, which is applied to the muscle group that will be stressed during training. GMT BEAUTY has developed a group of two SPORT&ACTIVE products - the warming Pre-sport active muscle warming gel Strong and Pre-sport active muscle warming gel mild Mild cosmetic products, which will help the body to prepare for the upcoming work faster, and the cooling After-sport active cooling gel Strong and After -sport active cooling gel Mild cosmetic products that will allow it to return to its usual state and recover after physical exertion. The products do not contain components, the use of which is prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency . They contain only natural extracts, oils and minerals. In the gel, which warms up the muscles and ligaments, increases the endurance of physical exercise, it is worth mentioning L-carnitine , which reduces the amount of fat in the body and acts on excess weight, as well as succinic acid, which helps in inflammation and stressful situations. And it is magnesium sulfate that best enters the body through the skin, prevents spasms of small blood vessels, enhances microcirculation, blood flow, metabolism in tissues, reduces the risk of injury, promotes faster recovery after intense physical exertion.

In the cooling gel , which improves lymph flow, strengthens vein walls, tones small blood vessels, restores the balance of water and salts and stabilizes metabolic processes in tissues, the existing Aloe Vera Extract and Pine ( Pinus Sylvestris Bud Extract ) oil will also help maintain skin elasticity. will promote the regeneration of skin cells, reduce the risk of stretch marks, for example, in the case of an increase in muscle mass.

These two products will also provide additional energy to the skin, indirectly increasing muscle energy reserves. Muscles work during physical activities, produce heat, but we must not forget that the skin - this important and largest organ - works in an enhanced mode, actively participates in thermoregulation, and also removes unnecessary substances from the body. Thinking about 100% skin comfort, the GMT BEAUTY SPORT&ACTIVE product range also includes cooling and refreshing hygiene products - shower gel, shampoo and foot cream. Detergents are suitable for frequent use, they allow you to maintain the correct PH level of the skin and do not damage the microflora and protective barrier of the skin, the foot cream promotes protection against foot infection agents, moisturizes, nourishes the skin, reduces excessive sweating and unpleasant aroma.

As dieting and sports initially reduce weight in the upper part of the body, GMT BEAUTY has created the SLIM IN ACTION slimming cream , which can be applied to problem areas in the lower part of the body (stomach, hips, thighs) before physical activity. It will help to slim and model specific body contours. The active components of the cream switch the use of glucose to the use of fat for the necessary energy, then energy activity is promoted in fat-storing cells, causing them to turn into fat-burning cells.

In addition, the side effects of slimming are also eliminated - flabby skin and a decrease in the rate of metabolism, which causes the excess weight to be quickly restored under "favorable conditions". This means that the existing aesthetic problems of the body are eliminated, avoiding the emergence of new problems, because the cream improves the quality of the skin, blood circulation and lymph return. (Exactly the results of exercise and slimming depend on the recovery period, which begins when the end products of metabolism are removed from the body!)

If you want to achieve the desired result, you should exercise at least 3 times a week (every other day and for at least 40 minutes) so that the body can burn fat naturally. The cream is especially recommended to be combined with exercises to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, thighs or back. However, it should be remembered that only sports training and the use of cream will not give results if you continue to live an unhealthy life. They will reveal their positive qualities best in a complex approach. The menu plays an important role in any exercise and slimming process. If this is not observed, then the hard work and the invested financial resources will evaporate.


  • recommended for "beginners", "sports amateurs" of any generation;
  • has a neutral aroma;
  • will be useful for demanding and dynamic people who value their time;
  • has a light texture, quickly absorbs into the skin and does not cause unpleasant sensations during sweating;
Publicēts, Apr 14, 2021