Collagen! Or just an elixir of youth that stops time?

Not so long ago - in the eighties of the 20th century - scientists turned to the in-depth study of collagen, which was followed by the addition of collagen to creams. Now, advertisements of cosmetic products actively encourage the purchase of creams and serums containing collagen, attributing to this component of preparations miraculous abilities - stopping the aging process in the skin. But what is actually "hiding" under collagen and from what age should the skin and the body start to be "fed" with this miracle substance?

Answers to the questions are provided by Terēze Belkova, co-author of the Latvian cosmetic brand GMT BEAUTY , face and body esthetics specialist.

Collagen is the foundation of the foundation

Collagen is the body's main "building material" - a protein consisting of amino acid chains. Collagen is produced in the human body and is important for its perfect functioning. Collagen is present in all structures of our body and in vital organs for life function - skin, bones, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, muscles, blood vessels, nails and hair, etc. It is true that natural collagen production decreases over the years, and this is not only felt (joints, muscles hurt, more frequent trauma, etc.), but is also reflected in the external appearance. Unfortunately, collagen breaks down faster than it is synthesized.

It is common to believe that collagen-containing skin care products are for preventing signs of aging (after the age of 27!), however, it is recommended to use them already for teenagers, especially if there is problematic skin, dermatological diseases (psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, etc.). Hydration is at the heart of good-looking skin, and this is best done by collagen, which is one of the skin's most natural moisture suppliers. "It is modern and healthy to give the skin what it needs, taking into account its condition, rather than choosing cosmetic products recommended according to the years lived. I'd even say it's the No. 1 cosmetic. 1 that young people need (even 27 years ago!). It gives energy to the skin! When we are young, we are most exposed to stress, worries about the present and the future, that is when there is an intense physical and mental load, which "relentlessly" consumes internal resources. Thus, collagen in the body decreases because the metabolism consumes more protein than we can take in with food. However, the sooner we start taking care of our skin, the better we look as we age. There is no reason to think that these products harm the skin and that by attracting these "additional forces" the natural "production" of the skin stops. Appropriately selected collagen-containing cosmetics will help preserve our natural resources. And it should be understood that better results can be achieved with "team work", says T. Belkova.

Glue for tissues

Kolla means glue in Greek. In fact, it is true - collagen is a protein that holds the connective tissues of our body together and ensures their elasticity. The stronger the ligaments, the healthier the cartilages, the joints, the more freely a person can move, be mobile and active. Collagen also plays an important role when an injury has occurred and rehabilitation is required. Collagen also provides an elastic and durable foundation for the skin. The dermis - the middle layer of the skin that supports the top layer of our skin - is made up of about 80 percent collagen, however, its proportion decreases with age.

Collagen-containing products restore the loss of collagen in the skin, but they act only on the top layer of the skin, forming an air-permeable film that intensively attracts and maintains moisture to the skin, preventing it from drying out. It has been proven that the collagen molecule is too large and complex in structure to fully penetrate the skin and body. For a young person, it is enough to "apply" collagen externally, but later it should be taken orally, as it enters the body best through the intestinal tract. The body itself decides how to use this mixture of amino acids - for bones, nails, hair, skin or any other important organ that suffers from a lack of collagen. However, oral use of collagen cannot replace external use, as the skin's protective layer, on which good appearance depends, can only be maintained externally. And the fact that recently we include less and less "collagen" in our menu, which in the past people took more with their diet, eating broth cooked from animal bones, cartilage, and cold meat, harms our body and skin.

GMT BEAUTY has developed a marine collagen line to intensively increase skin collagen and elastin synthesis. Botox-like, plant-based actives combined with antioxidants will reduce the appearance of wrinkles and slow down the aging process.

The high-performance collagen skin care products in the line complement each other. Specialists have developed three sets of Lady - "Minimum", "Excellence" and "Maximum" to provide the skin with everything it needs for two months. In addition to cream and serum, "Excellence" includes oral collagen in the form of chocolate candies , "Maximum" also includes a course of procedures at a specialist.

These candies are made from high-quality ingredients in Latvia and are 100% handmade. One candy contains a daily dose of collagen - 2.5 grams. The chocolate in "Delicious beauty" will provide energy and a good mood, the cherry filling contains vitamin C, which helps collagen to be better absorbed.

GMT BEAUTY has also developed two innovative collagen products

Our new "stay at home" life has introduced new habits and daily rhythms. Blue light and electromagnetic radiation damage our skin, we see how the quality of the skin deteriorates. Therefore, we created a protective spray BLUE LIGHT SHIELD , which will strongly moisturize and neutralize the blue or HEV (High Energy Visible) light emitted by computer and smart device screens. For a long time, the biggest cause of concern for skin health was the sun's ultraviolet radiation, but more recently, so-called modern pollution has put us at risk. Even if you don't see it, the body feels it! HEV affects the cell at the DNA level and changes its code. And damaged cells have no future! Over time, degenerative changes occur - the formation of comedones, vascular network, pigmentation increases, the skin becomes more sensitive, aging processes accelerate, the skin's protective barrier decreases, etc.

Be healthy and beautiful, follow the condition of your skin, its total volume is 2 m2, and the skin is the only organ that you can take care of from the outside.

Publicēts, Apr 19, 2021