Reduces edema, frees the intercellular space, removes toxins, restores life processes in the skin. The procedure improves blood circulation and lymph circulation, thereby promoting the nutrition of tissues and restoring their physiological functions, including accelerating the metabolism of fat cells. Reduces adipose tissue and cellulite.

During the target area procedure: Hips, thighs, areas affected by cellulite.

Duration of the procedure: 1 h.

Preferred course of procedures: 12 procedures. Preferably combined with ANTI CELLULITE MASSAGE FOR HIPS AND Thighs .

Regularity of procedures: 1-2 times a week.

Recommended products for home use: Anti-aging cleansing gel for body , Hydrating body scrub , Slimming & anti-cellulite cream

During this procedure, the most attention is paid to the areas of the body affected by cellulite. To achieve maximum effect, with the thermally active anti-cellulite cream - ADVANCED ANTI-CELLULITE CREAM (ANTI-CELLULITE CREAM) blood and lymph circulation is stimulated. The procedure begins with body peeling - TRIPLE ACTION SCRUB , followed by cellulite - problematic body area - massage with SHAPING GEL (FAT BURNING & SLIMMING GEL) , where SVELTAM™ together with a complex of active substances of algae and green tea (Camelia sinensis) activates the metabolism of fat cells, perfectly reducing fat reserves - local fat accumulations, irregularities. Lymph circulation is promoted by ACTIVE DRAINAGE GEL application. In addition to nourishing the skin of the body, apply and massage CINNAMON & GINGER OIL . The procedure is concluded with the wrapping-compression method, additionally a thermal blanket is used.

Means and products used in the procedure: Film for compression wrapping, GMT BEAUTY cleansing products – TRIPLE ACTION SCRUB , creams – ADVANCED ANTI-CELLULITE CREAM (ANTI-CELLULITE CREAM) , gels – SHAPING GEL (FAT BURNING & SLIMMING GEL) , ACTIVE DRAINAGE GEL and oils – CINNAMON & GINGER OIL . It is preferable to use a thermal blanket.

Publicēts, Jan 27, 2023