Regenerates and strengthens tissues. Inhibits aging processes in the skin. Models and contours body lines.

Means and products used in the procedure: film for compression wrapping procedures, thermal blanket, GMT BEAUTY cleansing agents - TRIPLE ACTION SCRUB , creams – FIRMING CREAM (SKIN FIRMING CREAM) and gels – RECONTOURING GEL (FIRMING AND MODELING GEL) .

Target areas during the procedure: Hips, inner thighs, back, abdomen, upper arms. Areas where the structure of the skin is changed, inelastic.

Duration of the procedure: 45 min. – 1 h.

Desired course of procedures: 12 procedures. Preferably combined with additional procedures, using device technologies (RF, NIR, microcurrents) . Paying special attention to the problematic - areas of the body that have lost elasticity.

Regularity of procedures: 1 x a week

Recommended products for home use: Hydrating body scrub , Intensive firming body cream Breast & décolleté firming cream , Lift & firm buttock cream

Regenerates and strengthens tissue and body contour. The procedure begins with body peeling - TRIPLE ACTION SCRUB , followed by a light body massage using individually tailored gels - RECONTOURING GEL (FIRMING AND MODELING GEL) and creams - FIRMING CREAM (SKIN FIRMING CREAM) . At the end of the procedure, the wrapping - compression method is used.

Publicēts, Jan 27, 2023